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Occupational Therapy Services
The 'job' of being a child includes a lot of playing, learning, and socializing!
Our Occupational therapists are the perfect candidates help your child improve their ability to perform their every day tasks... whatever they may be!
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What is the role of an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapists are involved in promoting skill development and independence in all daily activities. For children, the focus is mostly on play, socialization, and independence with self care routines! 


Occupational therapists are concerned with: balance and postural reactions, muscle tone and strength, body awareness, fine and gross motor abilities, motor planning, visual perception, visual motor integration, sensory integration, and behavior. 

We specialize in...
  • Feeding: At Connections EIAS, we utilize a mixed sensory and play based approach to feeding. Our therapists are trained in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to feeding which addresses both building oral motor skills and facilitating sensory safety.  Following a comprehensive feeding evaluation, therapists provide individualized and family centered interventions 1:1 in the clinic, in a group setting, or in the child's home. 

  • Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing: OTs are highly trained to evaluate and treat all sensory processing patterns. Following a skilled evaluation and observation of sensory-motor behaviors, our therapists are trained with the Jean Ayres approach to Sensory Integration treatment. 

  • Handwriting and Fine Motor: Children may have difficulty with handwriting for a variety of reasons including fine motor abilities or visual perception. Our therapists utilize a variety of standardized assessments tool including The Print Tool to thoroughly evaluate your child's handwriting and fine motor skills in order to create a thorough intervention plan!

  • Adaptive Skills: OTs utilize their expertise in motor skills, sensory, and task analysis to help children lead independent lives! If your child struggles with bathing, dressing, or any other self help skills, an occupational therapy evaluation may help understand what is happening and provide recommendations to increase their performance.

In Clinic Services


Evaluation: A comprehensive evaluation with one of our highly trained therapists will include: review of records, medical and developmental histories, clinical assessment of skills using standardized assessment tools, and family/caregiver interview. Following the evaluation, the therapist will collaborate with the family to discuss the findings, recommendations, and goals for occupational therapy. 


Consultation: Our therapists can provide consultation to parents/families or community stake holders such as school or childcare settings to help address a specific challenge or issue. On-going occupational therapy intervention and a full evaluation may be recommended depending the results of the consultation. 

1:1 Treatment: Following an evaluation, on-going, skilled occupational therapy intervention may be recommended. Our therapists with feedback from families and caregivers will develop a treatment plan with goals and strategies. Treatment sessions will be completed targeting these goals.

Looking for Early Intervention?

Connections EIAS has many skilled occupational therapists that provide services in our client's home at no charge to families pending an evaluation. 

Please click here                  for more information about our Early Intervention services. 

Payment Options

Connections Early Intervention and Supports is now in network with Highmark Blue Cross, Capital Blue and UPMC Health Plan for in clinic Occupational Therapy services. (We are not yet in network with PA Medicaid.)

For all other clients, Connections EIAS is able to provide a detailed receipt for clients to submit for out of network reimbursement if eligible. 


Please connect with us for up to date rates.

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