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Developmental Autism Clinic 

The Developmental Autism Clinic offers consultative services to families seeking guidance navigating an autism diagnosis. 

Clinic Consultation


The clinic consultation is a 60-minute in-depth multi-disciplinary meeting with autism specialists. This consultation is designed to address caregiver and families top priorities and/or concerns. 

Caregivers often seek guidance with sleep, behavior, feeding, socialization opportunities, developmental milestones, IEP consultation, and additional programs and services for their child. 

What To Expect


Prior to the consultation, you will be contacted to discuss the areas you would like to address during the visit. This will help to ensure that your top priorities are addressed. Families are asked to drop off or e-mail relevant paperwork to be reviewed ahead of the consultation. This can include: IEPs, evaluations, and/or logs tracking feeding or behaviors. 


At the consultation, families may choose to bring their child or complete the consultation without their child present. Families will meet with a team of specialists including an occupational therapist and developmental specialist to problem solve areas of concerns with concrete recommendations and strategies. 

Following the consultation, families will receive a written report outlining areas discussed, recommendations, and additional resources within 14 days.

Who is Eligible

The Developmental Autism Clinic is designed for families with children over the age of 3 years old. Families of children younger are recommended to consult with their child's early intervention team!

Additionally, the Connections EIAS team has therapists knowledgeable of many developmental diagnoses and difficulties if your family is looking for support.  The Developmental Autism Clinic while designed to address common challenges associated with autism is appropriate for any family looking for more support or guidance. 



The fee for the clinic consultation which includes: pre-meeting phone call/e-mail, document review, 60 minute in-person consultation, and written report is $100.00. This will be invoiced to family prior to the in-person consultation.  

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