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Early Intervention


Connections Early Intervention and Supports has therapists to provide in-home services to your child (birth-three years old) if they qualify in: York, Adams, Perry, Cumberland, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties!

If your child qualifies for services, you will be able to request a therapist from Connections Early Intervention and Supports!  We are looking forward to working with your child and family!

What is Early Intervention (EI)?


Early Intervention is a free service offered to children ages birth – three years who are experiencing concern or delay in any area of their development. Early Intervention will provide services to address any area of delay and can be held in your home, community, or childcare setting.

What kinds of services are offered?


Developmental therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavior therapy strategies, feeding therapy, and infant massage and more.

What should I do if I have concerns about my child's development?


If you have concerns for your child’s development, don’t hesitate to reach out to your county's local Early Intervention Program to schedule a FREE evaluation. No referral is needed to request an evaluation for your child and  parents/guardians can call to request an evaluation at any time.


If your child is determined to have a 25% or greater delay in any area of development, your child will become eligible for Early Intervention services.


The five areas of development assessed will include:​

Motor Development (Gross and Fine)

Language (Receptive and Expressive)

Social & Emotional



Can I request a Connections EIAS therapist?


Yes! At the time of eligibility and registration, you will be able to designate Connections as your service provider to ensure you receive one of our highly trained therapists to work with your child and family.

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As a parent/caregiver, what is my role during therapy sessions?

The short answer to this question is... an important one!


The long answer to this question will vary depending on a child's individual service plan and needs; however in general, Early Intervention uses a coaching model within all of it’s service delivery.


This means that parents and caregivers will have opportunities to be coached by Early Intervention therapists on how to utilize strategies and tools across all settings (i.e., in day to day life and when the therapist is not there!) 

This empowers parents and caregivers to be an active part of their child's therapy, development and success.

Our Team Includes:


Special Instructors:  Special Instructors provide coaching and support to children and families to address delays or concerns in all areas of development. Special Instructors are trained Early Childhood Educators who’s focus on developmental milestones, language, and social/emotional development can promote and support developmental progress.


Occupational TherapistsOccupational therapists (OTs) are integral parts of the early intervention team.  OTs support children and families by fostering the bond between infants/toddlers and their caregivers. OTs provide family coaching and teaching to build capacity and empowerment for caregivers. Occupational therapists promote infants/toddlers development in the areas of: sleep, play, hand use, sensory processing differences, and feeding.


Speech Therapists: Speech Language- Pathologists (STs) provide advanced knowledge in the areas of speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing development in infants and toddlers. STs provide family coaching and education on strategies to promote their child's development in the areas of receptive and expressive language skills. 

Physical Therapists:  Physical Therapists (PTs) help to provide families with strategies and guidance to help their child engage in age-appropriate activities at home and in the community. PTs use their knowledge and skills specifically related to motor and self-care function, assistive technology, and orthotics to provide a unique contribution to the early intervention team. 

Behavior Special Instructors:  Behavior/Special Instructors are trained to provide behavior coaching and support to children and their families to help address and manage behavior challenges within the home, childcare, or community setting. 

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We specialize in:

Developmental Delay 

Speech and Language Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Sensory Processing and Integration 

Cerebral Palsy 

Feeding Disorders 

Down Syndrome 

Behavioral Difficulties


Parent Coaching

To Request An Evaluation


Please contact your local Early Intervention program.


York/Adams counties: 717-771-9893

Cumberland county: 717-240-6320

Lebanon County: 717-274-3415


If your child is over the age of three, you can contact your local intermediate unit regarding available services.


LIU 12 (York County) : 717-718-5800

CAIU 15 (Cumberland County): 717-732-8400

IU13 (Lancaster-Lebanon Counties): 717-606-1600

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