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At Connections Early Intervention and Supports, we believe that anything is possible, and we are dedicated to serving the children and families of our community to encourage positive relationships and developmental success to last a lifetime.


Our providers look to identify each family and child’s individual strengths and use these to help the child succeed. We welcome the opportunity to help your child reach their highest potential.

Our agency helps children with a wide variety of diagnoses and challenges to include: developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, speech and language delay, sensory processing disorder, Down Syndrome, orthopedic and neurologic disabilities, and other developmental issues. We have a highly skilled team including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, special instruction, and feeding and behavior special instructors trained to meet all the needs of your child.

Connections Early Intervention and Supports started as an agency that provided in-home early intervention services to children in birth to three years old. While we continue to provide this service, our agency has grown to meet the needs of the children and our community as children age out of early intervention services. ​

Our mission is to provide children and families with therapeutic programs and experiences that allow them to reach their maximum potential and abilities.  We strive to become partners in their treatment plans and create cohesiveness with families to ensure optimal success.

Our goal is to provide quality and inclusive programs and therapies for children and families of all abilities.


Our objectives are to ….

  • provide high quality service using relevant and meaningful treatment strategies

  • support families and caregivers by providing collaboration and community resources

  • continue to implement and develop new programs to meet community need

Connections Early Intervention and Supports looks forward to the opportunity to connect with your family!

Our Staff
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