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We are in the process of forming Stay & Play Groups for the 2024-25 School Year!

If you are interested in more details about Stay & Play and/or would like to discuss if Stay & Play is right for your child, fill out the form below!

Stay & Play Interest Form

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch soon.


Stay and Play is an intensive, therapeutic group that targets social development, play skills, and expressive/receptive language in naturalistic settings with engagement, functional communications, play, and social interaction with peers.  This program meets either two or three days a week for two and a half hours each day.  There are morning and afternoon groups available.

Program Details


Stay and Play is an intensive, highly-structured therapeutic group designed for children that would benefit from skilled intervention to maximize the benefit of a classroom experience.  This program focuses on the foundational skills needed for children to be successful in community, early learning centers, kindergarten and beyond.


Emphasis is placed on communication skills, social interactions, sensory regulation, and play in a nurturing environment of highly trained therapists and assistants.

Stay and Play utilizes concepts from D.I.R. Floortime and Sensory Integration theory to provide activities and therapeutic approaches to meet the individualized needs and interests of each child.  This program uses relationship based behavior and neurodivergent affirming interventions.


Additional Details


Stay and Play targets independence with adaptive skills that many children find difficult. Our trained occupational therapists and group facilitators provide intervention during group to address exposure to new foods, self-feeding, open cup drinking, potty training, hand washing, brushing teeth, and putting shoes on and off!  We value caregiver's perspective on setting specific goals for their child to address the areas that matter most to them!

Additionally, Stay and Play utilizes the following evidenced based curriculums during group: KinderMusik and Handwriting Without Tears! 


The KinderMusik program engages toddlers' natural love of music and activates their imaginations. A wide range of learning opportunities boosts language skills, confidence, independence, social emotional skills, and self-control.   


We teach the foundations of writing with the Handwriting Without Tears Program.  The program starts with using blocks to learn about lines which allow children to learn how the various parts of letters are put together before moving on to actual practice on boards, handwriting worksheets and other materials.


Our Schedule

Our daily schedule follows a predictable routine while allowing for opportunities to practice flexibility. We utilize visuals and transition warnings to help children learn the schedule and prepare for what is coming next. 

Here is a sample daily schedule:

Soft Start (in sensory room)

Circle Time 

Centers (learning, OT, play and free choice)

Movement (sensory room or outside)


Group Activity


Closing Circle Time


Why Enroll?


Research shows that intense early intervention services from trained professionals provides major long-term positive effects on children and families.


Future development is based on the critical learning patterns developed during early childhood.

Stay and Play provides the children involved with meaningful opportunities to engage in a classroom environment with peers. Group facilitators provide insight to parents and community teachers to ease your child's transition to community pre-school or kindergarten!



Enrollment in Stay and Play is rolling. Children are eligible to start on his/her 3rd birthday pending openings.


Children take part in an intake assessment to determine abilities and areas for growth prior to starting in the program. This assessment will help the team to establish treatment goals. 

Children can be registered for 2-4 days per week. The cost is $45/day.


*Although therapeutic, this program is not reimbursable through insurance or medical assistance. 

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