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The Bridge Program

Connections Bridge Program is an inclusive academic program for children ages 3-5.  We target preschool skills such as prewriting, number sense, fine and gross motor development, early literacy, social skills, and problem solving.

Program Details

In Bridge, we focus on a curriculum that was developed to meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education Preschool State Standards.  Bridge lays a foundation for our clients and their first years of education through play and exposure to academics.


Lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all of the children.  Monthly themes include, seasons, holidays, healthy me, weather, bugs, and dinosaurs. We focus on social skills and interactions between teachers and students as well as between students and their peers.


Children participate in weekly Show and Tell while working on asking and answering questions on topic.


We value the home and school connection between our classroom and our families.  We invite parents/guardians to come to our classroom and read to us each month. Our parents appreciate the opportunity to come into our classroom and share their favorite stories with our class. 

Our Schedule

Our daily schedule follows a predictable routine while using picture cards to visually show the children what is coming next.  Once an activity is completed, it is flipped over to give the visual cue that we have finished that part of our day.  We utilize transition warnings before moving from on activity to another.  This helps all of the children understand that we are preparing for a change and eases the anxiety of completing one activity and moving on to another. 

Here is our daily schedule:

Table Top Toys

Morning Meeting (Weather, calendar, story, songs, wiggle and movement breaks)

KinderMusik or Handwriting Without Tears

Small Group instruction

Sensory Room Time


Free Play

Baby Doll Circle Time

Show and Tell

Closing Circle Time



Several researched based curriculums are used during your child's day in our classroom.  Preschool and Pre-K children participate in the KinderMusik program weekly.  The KinderMusik program engage preschoolers’ natural love of music and activate their imaginations. A wide range of learning opportunities boosts language skills, confidence, independence, social emotional skills, and self-control. 

We teach the foundations of writing with the Handwriting Without Tears Program.  The program starts with using blocks to learn about lines which allow children to learn how the various parts of letters are put together before moving on to actual practice on boards, handwriting worksheets and other materials. It also has a sing along program designed for students of all learning styles. It works on more than just writing but also on letter recognition. This is an essential component to not only speech and language but also to reading. Children are introduced to the program with instructions that are designed in language that children can understand.

Our Preschool class also participates in Baby Doll Circle Time.  Research shows that children develop best within the context of caring relationships. Baby Doll Circle Time provides the opportunity for young children to experience being the nurturer by interacting with their baby dolls in the same ways that we as caring adults interact with them. 

Sensory Room Time


Children in Bridge have access to a state of the art sensory motor gym for gross motor play, opportunities for socialization, and sensory regulation.



"I love the small class size!"

I would recommend this program because it's run by professionals! My child is so happy to go every day!

The Bridge Program CARES.  Each student leaves with a smile. Mrs. Jen and Mrs. Amy put tons of effort into what they do.  From potty training to shaking the silly out and everything in between. The daily reports help us work on a dialogue between us."

My child's vocabulary and speech has grown!"

"This program focuses on your child's learning. I can see how much they are doing through the work they bring home.  They also post very informative pictures and explain activities on FaceBook."

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