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Now enrolling for our Next Spring Session of Sensory Play Group!

May 13th - June 24th

All About Sensory Play Group

Sensory Play Group is a unique opportunity for children under the age of 3 to play freely while engaging with same-aged peers. 


Sensory Play Group takes place at Connections EIAS in our fully equipped sensory gym. During Play Group, children will have a safe and supportive environment to practice play skills and try new things under the supervision of skilled therapists and support staff.

Caregivers stay on site while Play Group members have a chance to...

Participate in a mini 'circle time'

and read-aloud

Get their wiggles out in our

fully-equipped sensory gym

Play with toys and practice

social skills with peers

Practice communication skills

during activities and snack time

... and so much more!

"I would most definitely recommend Play Group to any family out there.  These gals are cut from the same mold.  They have extensive therapy training and have seen some challenges with their own kiddos.  They go above and beyond to connect with the families and kids...Play Group Rocks!"
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