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Sensory Play Group

This page is under construction. Please check back. 


 "I would most definitely recommend playgroup to any family out there.  These gals are cut from the same mold.  They have extensive therapy training and have seen some challenges with their own kiddos.  They go above and beyond to connect with the families and kids that they have in playgroup.  They never missed a week when the state shut down for COVID-19.  They zoomed every week with the kids teaching them (and the parents) songs to sing and motions to go along.....PlayGroup Rocks!"

  "I was fortunate enough to be a part of parent group that wasn't afraid to voice their concerns about parenting just like me. In some ways it was therapeutic and beneficial especially when we had a speaker or played icebreaker games."

"I sincerely believe that after one session of Playgroup, my son began verbalizing more. Along with this, it was the first time the twins were away from me and in a playgroup setting. Although hesitant to leave them with anyone but myself or family, the therapists have earned my utmost respect and trust. I know that while they are with them, the therapists create a nurturing and loving learning atmosphere."

 "I would recommend play group because the team of therapists and teachers are phenomenal!"

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